Drake's Memoirs
Also, I’m published!

I dunno if I mentioned this already, but in an unexpected turn of events, I am now officially a contributing writer for a small blog site called Asktatjana.com! For those of you interested in how to get started on getting fit, board gaming, rock climbing, etc, check me out :)




Wonder Con 2014!

Can you feel it? That excited anticipation in the air? Look for me at Wondercon as our favorite treasure hunter :D. Hope to see you all there!


Wakkaby ~Amylrun

Aw man, FFX was definitely the inal fantasy for me. Sorry Barret, I’d have Wakka on my team any day.


Wakkaby ~Amylrun

Aw man, FFX was definitely the inal fantasy for me. Sorry Barret, I’d have Wakka on my team any day.

Do you got a tip for me, about what I can do to get my energy back up after I work out. Because every time when I get home after a workout at the gym, I get so tired! They say banana's help, but not for me. So, do you know something else I can do?

Hey man, trust me, I know you’re pain. I’ve come home from the gym so wrecked from my workout that I have a headache and feel like I may throw up! The biggest contributor to that crappy feeling is a mechanism used by your body to tell you to that it requires refueling. At this point, your muscles’ stores of glycogen, readily available energy to use, are depleted and the body, being the “most efficient” system it can be, is trying to tell you to stop making it work for energy and feed it. In fact, one of the biggest contributors to muscle recovery and growth is the first meal that you have POST-WORKOUT. The stress response from the body, coupled with a large intake of carbs and protein allows you to go into an anabolic state easier, and as studies have shown, for longer. Try eating a big bowl of oatmeal with protein powder mixed in and fruit, like your banana. If you’re as tired as I’m imagining, then you’ll most likely experience something like this:

-Stagger into the house, exhausted. Make your breakfast half conscious.

-Promptly sit down and eat. and eat. and eat.

-After the first few bites, you’ll actually notice a surge of energy sweeping through you, it’s honestly, very difficult to survive without sounding cheesy. After your meal, you should actually be feeling very close to normal, but a little bit of fatigue is still fine :) 

You are very attractive and awesome Nathan Drake cosplay. How much cardio do you do in a week?

Frankly, not enough! At the moment I’m trying to bulk up, I’ve put on 5 pounds in the last 5 weeks, but I try to get some semblance of cardio in by rock climbing 3 times a week at my gym. It’s far from perfect, but I can’t stand the monotony of running, plus it makes me sore for working out the next day XD.

Hey everyone! I apologize for being so silent lately, work and school does that, I’m afraid. In an odd twist of fate, I’ve also become a contributing writer to a gaming/lifestyle blog called asktatjana.com! I’ve just recently published my first two articles too, which is exciting :)). 

To anyone who wants to take the first steps into a fitter, healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend checking out the link above. In it, I’m not selling anything, or feeding you with bullshit. It’s real, honest talk that I hope will get the ball rolling :).

As a 40k player and a huge Uncharted fan, I have to ask. Is that mini a heavily modded catachan with a lasgun painted like an AK? Any conversion parts or greenstuff? That mini is so perfect, oh my gosh. Especially the hair!

Thanks so much, and as a matter of fact, yes XD. You have a good eye for bitz! I play Catachan Imperial Guard and wanted to try my hand at greenstuffing. The sleeves, pants, and keffiyah went easily enough, but dammit, that hair still upsets me XD.

"Greatness from small beginnings" just got taken to a new scale: 28mm. I painted it wearing this tank…I think I may have a problem… Lol

So, I just started a bout of Risk:Legacy with my buddies. We signed our lives away, and I got to name a city after a certain Uncharted 3 locale ;)

What age did you start getting into fitness?

I guess I started taking a real interest in it when I was 19 years old. Until then, I was active, sure, but never really got into the how’s and why of exercise and nutrition. I wish I started earlier XD